Empower leadership at all levels of your organization!

Four alternatives for the promotion of leadership, which are ideal for strengthening the key competencies of your executives, managers, supervisors, and/or bosses.

Executive Coaching Program

(8 to 12 sessions)

60-minute individual sessions with a customized work plan and reports.

Skills in Action Program

(10 hours)

3 modules to strengthen any key competencies in your leaders, application of case studies, microlearning resources, consultative reports and a best practices decalogue.

Comprehensive Leadership Program

(36 hours)

Modular program to strengthen 8 managerial or directive competencies in your leaders, 80% practical sessions, microlearning resources, online evaluations before and after each module, consultative reports and a module about remote program management available 24/7

Customized programs

We can design programs tailored to your needs, expectations and business objectives in any modality.

We develop leadership programs based on meaningful learning experiences and reinforce fundamental skills to your strategic collaborators and management teams.

Key competencies of leaders in organizations:

  • Adaptability
  • Assertive decision making
  • Management of changes
  • Disruptive thinking
  • Prospecting
  • Resource management
  • Strategic thinking
  • Proactivity
A true leader links the success of any project or process to the talent of his team and therefore focuses on this to move forward together, can identify talents, and contributes to the professional growth of all the people who collaborate in their daily work.
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